Pizzeria with Vegan and Gluten-Free Friendly Fare

Shop 225

Co-owner Lorenzo Tron has personally visited all of his suppliers nearby and overseas, “so I personally picked all the products that I wanted to use,” he says.

It means he knows a thing or two about what he’s serving up, and his passion for the product is transmitted to his customers.


“We attract a fair bit of vegan customers. We cater for lactose and gluten intolerances, so we specialise in that market – people travel to come and eat here,” Tron says.

“We tend to do everything on our menu non-vegan, vegan, gluten free and gluten-free vegan so all of a sudden 10 pizzas become forty.” Shop 225 also make and distribute their own vegan chocolate hazelnut spread.

All the products that Genobile Saba give me – all the smallgoods – are actually gluten-free certified which is very good for my business.”


Tron’s menu pick is the Zio Pino. A white base pizza with stracciatella cheese, grana Padano, mushroom and truffle oil. “Simplicity is key.

The strictly pizza menu is due to branch out to fresh pasta soon. We’re just in the process… we’ve got the first tortellini on the menu now,” he says.

The vibe at Shop 225 is relaxed, Tron and his business partner Roberto Davoli love talking to the customers and making them feel comfortable.

“We try to make it feel like home or in this case in the back garden like nonna’s garden,” he explains.

“There are many times people don’t pay for the coffee at the end because we want to make them feel like we are a community, [rather] than a restaurant.”

The pizzeria now has three pizza makers to cater for the abundance of customers. “We don’t like making people wait. The average wait time for pizza is 20-25 minutes,” Tron says, proudly.