A Mega Supermarket Carried Through Generations

La Manna

Patrick La Manna’s grandfather arrived in Australia from Italy in 1948. It wasn’t long before he opened his own fruit shop.

“My family has been in this industry since 1952,” says the CEO Managing Director. “[From] a fruit shop, to wholesalers and now to a supermarket.”

The 10,000sqm retail precinct incorporates meat, deli, seafood, bakery, patisserie and groceries. Even mid-week it’s buzzing with shoppers. “It’s not your local, it’s a destination – I’d say 98 per cent of our customers actually drive past at least three supermarkets to get here.”

As well as freshly sliced smallgoods to order, La Manna deli package the “grab and go” selections to speed up customer wait times. The cabinet holds close to 400 varieties of cheeses. La Manna’s ready-made meals department also offers over 120 different meal options made from premium ingredients using home-style recipes.

Alongside the extensive product range, La Manna also operate a cafe inside the store.

“[People] love coming to the cafe, having a shop, having something to eat – a coffee and then going back to shop again,” he says.

A piadina station sits near the cafe where you can watch your flat bread being assembled and lightly toasted.

Patrick La Manna’s menu pick is the Sriracha roti wrap. “I have it almost every day – I know I sound boring, but I know what I like so that’s what I have.”

And for coffee he opts for a Magic Coffee. Put simply, it’s a double ristretto, flat white, three quarters full – so it’s strong but he calls it the perfect balance between coffee and milk.

The supermarket is home to 430 staff and growing. They’ve recently opened a new cafe and a new manufacturing site to make their products.

“We’re always doing something beyond our reach, but we’ll get there,” he says. “Rather than just doing the same thing day in day out – it’s a good challenge.”


“[Genobile Saba] have good products, they’re a good support – have been since day one, and they’re growing so were growing – they’re growing with us,” says La Manna.