An Iconic Melbourne Institution with Roman Roots

Brunetti Carlton

For Bar Supervisor Carlo Mellini, working at Brunetti is a family affair.

His father, Achille Mellini (a pastry chef) received a job offer from Brunetti in 2000. That’s when the family moved from Rome to Melbourne.

“I come from a family of three generations of pastry chefs,”

Carlo’s mother Vincenza works there too, as a cashier. “It’s a beautiful family-orientated environment.”

Brunetti has a well-established history in Melbourne, opening its first store on Faraday Street, Carlton in 1985.

It has become an iconic location for traditional Italian fare which includes Italian-style coffee, cakes from the pasticceria, gelati or pizza and sandwiches from the paninoteca.

I enjoy the friendly Italian environment… And the quick, fast vibe of the place,” Mellini says.

“Brunetti’s Carlton is a place visited by local Italians, new Italians, and the general people of Carlton – locals of Carlton.”


Mellini says that Italians arriving from Italy are particular about the places they choose to dine and shop. “A lot of places are Italian these days, but not all of them have that traditional Italian vibe.”

His favourite product to work with is Lavazza coffee. “I like to make short blacks and long macchiatos in particular,” he says. “[I love] the simplicity of the product.”

Past Brunetti baristas have taught Mellini all he knows about coffee. When he first started at Brunetti in 2014, he was making 10-15 coffees a day. “Now [I’m] probably doing 10kg [of coffee] a day – on my own.”

His pick from the menu is the margherita, once again for its simplicity. “just like the coffee, it shows the art of the product.” And from the paninoteca, the San Daniele prosciutto panino.

“[Brunetti] continues to produce that Italian vibe and Italian atmosphere that Melbourne loves.  People from all over Australia come to Melbourne for,” Mellini says. “And I’m proud to be part of it.”

“[Brunetti] continues to produce that Italian vibe and Italian atmosphere that Melbourne loves