Master Martini

Master Martini

Master Martini is Unigrà’s dedicated brand for the company’s artisanal channel. Since 1982, it provides professionals of patisserie, chocolate confectionery and bakery with a complete range of specific products in line with the finest artisanal tradition.

Master Goia Special 20KG

Monna Lisa 1L

Master Gourmet 1L

Hydrall Post Chocolate 5KG

Hydrall Post Vaniglia 5KG

Gran Pistacchio 5kg

Gran Master Frolla 5kg

Gran Master Sfoglia 2kg

Centramerica Dark Drops 1kg

Caravella Dark Flakes 2kg

Ariba Cocoa Powder 1kg

Caravella Dark Discs 10kg

Martini Roasted Whole Hazelnuts 1kg

Martini Maxime Chef Non Dairy Cream UHT 1ltr

Martini Dessert Panna Cotta UHT 1ltr

Martini Dessert Creme Caramel UHT 1ltr

Martini Dessert Crema Catalana UHT 1ltr

Martini Dessert Chocolate UHT 1ltr

Martini Caravella Gran Nocciola 5kg

Martini Ariba White Chocolate Discs 1kg

Martini Ariba Milk Chocolate Discs 1kg

Martini Ariba Dark Chocolate 72% Discs 5kg

Martini Ariba Dark Chocolate 54% Discs

Martini Ariba Bitter 100% Cocoa